The New Stuff

So... I'm gonna make a little change in this thing... I'm gonna start posting cool pics from once in a while, maybe some times a link to them, and from time to time I'll be posting music stuff, fun, lets see how far this goes.
And for now, I'm gonna post 5 pics. And I'll try to post this things in both english and spanish, but not now, I know that almost everyone I know speak english and I'm lazy right now :P
Let us re-begin

hmmm no title, jus a pic of a model Cathrin Rozenkrans

Without Emotions by promis :

Rudens vasara by pabadam:

Don't know either :\

Ich lebe jetzt by GrimArt

I'm in no way the author of any work posted in here, although, I have left the link in the photo so if you'r interested you can check that persons work... unfortunately some times I found them in some blog that has no link to the original author so... can't do much about it.



dominuspaulus said...

niiiiice post dood! Love the pic with the b/w uneven socks.

Keep the girls coming :D But don't forget the music.

Anonymous said...

si estan chidas las fotos

me habias pasado hace mucho unas fotos chidas pero no me acuerdo para que,...